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and yes, it would rather seem that LJ posts from me have a certain resemblance to buses

except I'm not sure anyone's actually been waiting for one for ages

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Or the Rodent in the Ceiling at least.

Hrmmm. We have what is either a large mouse or a quite small rat running about inside the ceiling of our kitchen. Squeaking. And occasionally sticking its tail or the tip of its nose out through the gap where the surround is missing for the inset-into-the-ceiling-light-fixture-the-proper-name-for-which-is-maddeningly-just-out-of-reach-of-my-conscious-recall. The fact that there is a light in the fixture, and the light is turned on, should go some way explaining why I'm not entirely sure based on a few glimpses whether the beastie is too big to be a mouse at all or not. (It's definitely too small to be anything bigger than a fairly small (so presumably quite young still) rat

I really hope the blasted beastie catches on to the presence below of 4 predators. 1 of whom has already proven her prowess against young rats (Tunsi brought us two, caught in the back garden, during her pregnancy last year) and the other three of whom have been pracricing on insects, and crumpled bits of paper, and suchlike for some time now.

I popped Sonya up on my shoulder and took her into the kitchen whilst the rodent was still running about (though no longer squeaking loudly and audibly to human ears). She STARED up at the ceiling, and STARED, and then said "MEOW" in an excited little voice... Ya Hear that Rodent? That's Fightin' Talk. We Haz Cats, and We Ain't Afraid to Use 'Em.

Well actually, I rsther hope it fucks off without ever coming down where the cats can get it. I don't really want my kitties eating diseased London rodent and picking up parasites. Ick.
Also, I like mousies and ratties when they aren't climbing around in my kitchen ceiling, presumably chewing on wires, and thinking about raiding my cupboards. (Which means I don't really like wild mousies and ratties who live as our commensals all that much, truth be told, but still don't actually want to have to watch the kitties kill one.) I also don't really want it to die up there in the ceiling - whether from neighbours putting out poison, or something else. Poisoned rodents worry me as a potential threat to kitty health (or even lives :-( ) too. But I shan't be able to stop the neighbours putting out poison if we *do* end up with a proper infestation. So I'd rather the neighbours kept their rodent infestations to themselves, while I have cats to dissuade at least some of the local rodents from moving in here.

Right now I no longer hear any noises from the kitchen ceiling, so I think it may have gone elsewhere for the moment. I'm hoping it's found a way out into someplace else interesting but cat-free.

Edit: to fix typos and also say *blast*! I just heard it again
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Oh, and

Why did I not spot this when it was shown on the BBC back in 2008?
Must rectify the oversight soon

Einstein and Eddington

Andy Serkis as Albert Einstein and David Tennant as Arthur Eddington
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On a much cheerier note: Daphne kitty is currently being very frustrated hunting a a ladybug - I think it's actually one of those Asian ladybeetles, so I'm letting her try. She watches it, and pounces at it, and then backs off rapidly. Those things can be pretty fierce actually, and they bite. I seem to recall they taste bad too? But since they don't have venom that would cause her to swell up or anything I'm letting her learn from the experience.. I first spotted this standoff when she was trying to shake it off her fur, having brought it down in midflight (she's very good at catching flies)

Now she seems to be amusing herself prodding it to make it move if it stops, and thwarting any attempt it makes to fly away.

and now i run off, having decided to try to meet G at clapham for that fireworks display as his train home from work goes that way
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and to add to the overall feeling of grimness this evening, some poor guy decided to jump off the Archway Bridge today.
I'm not entirely sure it's the best idea in the world to go stand up on the bridge to try to see fireworks tonight in light of that.

I could still use finding somewhere to watch some fireworks - so I'll have to think whether to wander over to the heath and stand on a hilltop instead. It's possibly a bit late to try to make it all the way to any of the big displays that I've looked up for tonight - since none are incredibly nearby. Though there's one at near Totteridge and Whetstone I guess
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A year ago today, my darling kitties were born :-)

I realise this post should contain then and now comparison pictures. I haven't got any new photos uploaded though. I'll try to do something about that soon.

But in the meantime, Happy Birthday to Daphne, Sonya, and Tonka :-) (My kitty-girls, and their brother)
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Anyone interested in joining me to see Bill Bailey tonight at the Leicester Square Theatre? Poor [ profile] augeas is ill, so not up to making it to the gig :-( It's a 7:30 show. Ticket originally cost £15
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My fab former-flatmate Will now needs a new flatmate at his current flat pronto!

Anyone know someone in need of a room that comes complete with a fantastic flatmate? Will's the best :-)

I'd happily be flatmates again with Will any time if I were looking for a room, (or if he were looking for a room and I had a room going spare).

(Obviously, in this case, I'm happily ensconced in a full flat, so neither of the above conditions apply at the moment. )

The flat is in Muswell Hill.
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Clerkenwell Tales, in Exmouth Market, London has got a larger venue for their
China Mieville & Cory Doctorow in conversation event. This means there are now places going again :-)

China Mieville & Cory Doctorow at Church of Our Holy Redeemer, Exmouth Market. 7pm. 20 July.
Free, but you need to RSVP to attend

If you are on twitter, tweet @booksellerpete to ask for a place. I expect non-twitterers (non-twits? ;-P ) can contact Clerkenwell Tales bookshop to ask
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[ profile] augeas and I are going to Oxford for the day this Saturday to see [ profile] squirmelia and take part in the Alice day fun. I've never been to Oxford yet. :-) We're considering finding somewhere decent but not too pricey to stay the night, so we can poke around Oxford a bit more on Sunday before making our way back to London at our leisure. (Travelling by train)

Anyone on here have any suggestions of B&B's /Hotel / the like in Oxford?
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The commute to my new client location is long enough that it's worth getting out the mp3 player and listening to music. It's quite a long commute in fact, way out onto a western arm of the Picadilly line, and a new enough commute I don't have an autopilot for when I'm nearing the stop for the office. Today I was listening to a Laibach album, zoned out reading the metro, and looked up to see the doors closing on my stop. :-/

So I rode to the next stop, and hit the ground running to run up and over the oppositew platform to catch a tube back. As I went charging out, the next song came on.... Laibach's cover of The Final Countdown. So there I was, charging up the stairs of the tube station, to the fanfare. heh. :-D
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This Sunday morning I'll be getting up in time to watch the annual Chariot Procession of the Murugan Temple just round the corner from me on Archway. It starts in front of the Temple on Archway road at 11 am, then makes it's way 'round the corner down my road and right past my flat.

Well worth watching.

The first summer I was here, I was surprised one Sunday morning by the sound of drums, and the sight of the golden carved wooden chariot being pulled down the street. Last year, I planned to be home to watch - since now I know what the flyer informing us all of the date that drops through the door each spring is about :-)

I'll be up and about and having a nice bit of tea out front waiting for the procession this year.
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Pico is home* and well :-) We brought him home Wednesday afternoon. He was very happy to arrive home. He rode quietly in the horsebox until we pulled in at the yard, then while we were still pulling in to park, he clearly noticed where he was, and let out a ringing neigh announcing he was back to all denizens of the yard. :-)

*(At his home, the stable yard, obviously! He's not at my home... I do not think he'd fit down the stairs and out through my room into the garden. He'd definitely not fit through the basement to go out that door to the garden. ;-) )
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Pico has an appointment with the opthamological specialist scheduled finally!

He's scheduled to go in this coming Thursday the 18th, when the Dr. will look at his eye and plan for the surgery. Then on Fri the 19th surgery is scheduled.

*fingers crossed* it all goes to plan this time, and goes well

Now I just have to find transport... The yard manager is waiting for her tax disc for the lorry to arrive. It *should* arrive before Thursday, but in case it doesn't I have to make a provisional booking of some sort with an alternative.
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Just had a call with the Vet College.
The tumor is already more involved in the edges of the cornea and in the rest of the conjuctiva, not just in the sclera where it became visible. They say best option therefore is the best opthmalogical surgeon... who is not available today, of course. The other option is they go ahead with the non-specialist, but I prefer the option of the specialist if it is that involved. So Pico comes back home, we reschedule, and go from there

I am trying to tell myself that at least the vet I just spoke to on the phone didn't say it had got too close to the optic nerve (one the worst-case scenarios the vet yesterday mentioned) or say they didn't think even the speicalist could have a chance of getting it all out (and I hope saving the eye with at least most of his vision in it intact... but saving him from the cancer spreading is the very most important thing here)

I am really, really upset with myself that I did not get the little bit of redness in the corner of his eye checked out when I first saw it :( But he has a bit of partial white sclera* there on that eye, and he was having allergies regulalry and I stupidly thought it was just a bit irritated, since he didn't seem to be having vision trouble or pain in his eye area

*(Translation for the non-horsey: more or less think of it as the whites of his eyes, which on most horses are brown, but on some horses are white, or partially so)

(It's the eye in this icon, as it just so happens.)
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Pico had a reddish bit in the corner of one eye for a bit, which I foolishly ignored. Until quite recently when suddenly it became clearly a growth, that was getting bigger :-(
Yesterday Pico went to the Royal Vet college to have his stifles and hocks xrayed and his tendons on his hind legs ultrasounded. All part of the 'can we rebuild him?' effort. So obviously I had them look at the eye too. (If the leggies appointment hadn't been scheduled to go ahead anyhow I'd have had the vet out to the stables to look at the eye, obviously. )
It is as I feared: a malignant tumor of the conjunctiva. With any luck though, it may not have invaded any other structures as yet and they will be able to get it out without risk to his vision (or him)

So obviously I was planning to get him scheduled back in ASAP to sort it. I did think ASAP would mean next week at earliest...

Then the Vet School called saying there is an opening for surgery tomorrow

My Pico-pony is going in for surgery tomorrow. :-/
I am freaked about him going under general anesthetic
I am also freaked 'cos there is a chance that when they ultrasound the eye area before surgery, they may find it's too late for the neat and tidy excision of all the malignant tissue (if it's already impingin too close to the optic nerve, rahter than still being containied to the conjunctiva as we hope)

Basically I am freaked and worried about my poor boy
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Is Very Good Indeed

Went to see said Ian Dury biopic last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it - highly recommended! Go see it!
Andy Serkis does a fantastic job, etc. etc. That there's great music throughout the film goes without saying given the subject :-)
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Have spent the day recovering from a grand night out last night. Not sure what hijinks these little miscreants might have got up to last night whilst the humans were all out - you'd have to ask them ;-)
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little tiny cats
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Tonight upon coming home from the cinema we played a real life game of robotfindskitten. The flat turns out to be an environment in which it is very much the case that the search is complicated by existence of a veritable multitude of objects which are not kitten.

the kittens are no longer to be found down behind the sofa.....
You found kitten! Way to go, robot! )
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