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Dreamwidth account is this same username, hope to see folks over there
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The Kitties turned 7 Today!

Here they are all three staring intently at the fridge, beyond which somewhere in the walls there is much scuttling and the occasional squeak! *
Something behind the fridge is scuttling and squeaking!

* Nothing is so foolish as to chew through into our kitchen so far. Although a couple days after this was taken Sonya was playing with a rather small, decidedly dead, juvenile mouse (and her brother Tonka was trying to get to play too). I was glad the poor thing was dead already, but took it away from her as I did not want them eating it**. No idea if it was one of the ones from behind the walls, though it seems possible - R says they also spend time staring up at the basement ceiling (basically at the spot under the kitchen walls). I'm certain there are more, but I daresay they give our neighbours far more trouble than they give us with our household of felines.

** for multiple reasons, including not knowing if a neighbour might have put poison down.
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for Tunsi (also dedicated to the memory of Kekhmet, who was a bitey-cat too, after her own style)

Sung to the tune of the Spiderman theme from the old cartoon:

Bitey-cat, Bitey-cat, bites whomever she wants, that's that!

Watch your hands, you'll get bit

Bites if she fancies it

Look out! Here comes a bitey-cat
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A little while back I supported the kickstarter for Judith Tarr to write Horses of the Moon

(thank you [ profile] elisem for bringing it to my attention :)  )

I love her novel A Wind in Cairo, which features an Arabian horse, so I supported at the level where I got the ebook of  A Wind in Cairo with *bonus short stories*  <-- this would be the extra I was after, I still have my paperback of the novel itself ;-)

This put me in a level where I needed to supply what name I wanted to be credited in the acknowledgement as.

I was debating, did I want my full name in there, or ?

Then [ profile] augeas made the best suggestion ever for this purpose: To put the acknowledgment in under Pico's name

So I have, and the roll call of supporters for Horses of the Moon will include, simply:


this pleases me
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Ten years ago (ten years and about twenty minutes ago as started I typing this, if my plane arrived on time, though longer by the time I will hit post) I stepped off a plane at London, Heathrow.

Ten years a go yesterday I'd boarded that plane along with the cats, Theo and Kekhmet, who travelled ensconced in a pressure and temperature controlled section of the hold. I had with me 5 maximum sized suitcases of stuff, and a carry on bag (and knowing me might have been wearing a slightly too warm coat or jacket to maximise what I could carry). The most the airline would allow me to bring as a single passenger. In those days, the first two bags were free. The other three I'd paid for, as that was still cheaper than air freighting them, and meant I could have my things sooner than an unknown number of months if I sent them by slow boat.

The cats were met by a specialist animal reception agent I'd had to hire - I wasn't permitted to do that bit myself - and whisked off along with all their paperwork to the Animal Reception Centre somewhere off the ring road interior to Heathrow. I'm told they quite possibily may have disembarked from the plane before I did, as the section they were in is the very first thing to be unloaded as soon as the plane comes to rest at the gate. They most assuredly were done with their version of passport control long before I wended my way through the queues involved in mine!

I collected my 5 max-size bags from the baggage carousel, loaded as many as I could onto a baggage cart, and pushing that and dragging one suitcase behind me, made my way through the 'nothing to declare' line of customs. (Which was the truth: I had nothing to declare, every last bag contained "previously owned household goods". Well other than a few things like USAian food-and-drink treats which were well within the allowable limits). I emerged blinking into the arrivals area of whichever terminal it was. Probably 3, unless American Airlines has changed which terminal they fly from in the intervening years!

I was met by [ profile] incy, [ profile] d_floorlandmine, and Christa-who-I-think-either-changed-or-deleted-her-LJ-in-the-years-since. I still recall [ profile] d_floorlandmine commenting that I'd not been kidding about the size and number of bags I'd be hauling. Nope, not kidding nor exaggerating there. I expected to have to live using mostly what was in those bags for a while - I didn't know when I'd be able to send for more of my stuff, and knew I didn't want to have to buy all new clothes when I got here!

[ profile] incy sat me down in the nearest food establishment for a restorative cup of tea and something to eat. I presume we did this whilst the other two went and brought cars round for loading? We loaded the stuff into the cars, and then set of in search of the Animal Reception Centre, to rescue the cats.

Several circuits of the inner Heathrow ring road system later, we *finally* spotted the signpost we needed well hidden in some overgrown bushes in a roundabout. The upside of this delay was that the cats had been entirely checked over and paperwork all processed long before we arrived. In fact, one of them (I'm sure it was Theo, it must have been him, he always got sick when he travelled) had been cleaned up, as had that cat's crate, and both cat and crate were already dry, though smelling of disinfectant / cat shampoo when we arrived. Thank you Animal Reception for taking such good care of my kitties. (Yes, I thanked them then too).
The cats were overjoyed to see me. I sat in the back seat, one cat crate on each side of me, fingers pressed through the wire doors, with a purring cat pressed against my fingers all the way to our new home in Ealing where we met our new flatmates [ profile] sam_cp and [ profile] nils for the first time, and collasped, I'm quite sure, in an exhausted heap. (Well, OK, I may have had to go out for one quick errand to Argos: Cat box and Morrisons: Cat litter ;-P ) (My current cats actually still use that cat box, and the cat scratching post I also bought, though the scratching post has seen better days by now, and may not last too many more years! I also bought myself a cheap duvet that came with two uselessly flat pillows. Thankfully, I'd packed my favourite pillow, doing double duty as packing material/cushioning around my computer or something else breakable, in one of the big suitcases. I still have the duvet and pillows, but the duvet has been retired to a spare now that I have a lovely lush cushy super-king-size duvet. ) Yes, I did just end this tale by talking of necessities like cat boxes and something to sleep under. These details become very important after a journey of 4000 miles or so! ;-)
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Today at the GBBF I had a perry called Yesterday's Dreams which lived up to its name reasonably well. (Fairly sweet, but not insipid, and with a nice fruity flavour.) I liked it enough to buy and bring home a 2 pint carryout bottle of it. I also bought a bottle of German made African-style honey mead, and tasted some amazing mead made with chestnut honey, but sadly they were already out of it - the guy was just using up the opened taster bottle by offering samples from it to peorpl who bought mead :-) I have a jar of chestnut honey in the cupboard, so I recognised the lovely, strong, distinctive flavour of it.

I also had a cider called "Skyberry", the name of which made me think of [ profile] squirmelia

Tomorrow, Worldcon!

and at the end of the month, EMF!

also, right before leaving for EMF, Father Dagon!
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I want my pony back
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Yesterday was the three little kittens' *3rd* birthday! Three years ago, they were smaller than their heads! (a fact which I point out to them occasionally... "You used to be smaller than your head!" ) ;-)
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Saturday's snow meant there was a "new member of staff" guarding Pico's part of the stable yard on Sunday ;-)

After trying to push the new staff member over with his nose, Pico then insisted when it was time to go that there was no need to walk around the snow bank, and instead stomped through the snow. Still a Wisconsin boy, clearly.
It was commented on that while all the UK-born horses on the yard were busy goggling at the snow when taken out, Pico, usually the spookiest horse on the yard just said "It's snow! Get over it!" and got on with things. Of course, not to let his spooky-horse reputation down... Those things did include spooking and snorting at the fact that [ profile] augeas walked by alongside the top end of the covered arena: a perfectly *normal* place for people to walk, given it's how one gets to the outdoor school! *laughs* silly beast was looking for an excuse, and disapointingly for him, snow wasn't an excuse in his head, so he had to find another one I guess ;-)
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2 years ago today, the three little kittens who are now three small to middle size cats were born!

Happy birthday, fierce fuzzy darlings :-)
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Near Highgate tube station on a side-road off the Archway Road (zone 3) and 10 min (on foot) to Archway station (Zone 2).
Served by 3 24-hour buses

3 bedroom flat, with some storage space in communal areas

Available - 1 Double bedroom, currently £460/month
£50/each council tax (for 10 months out of the year, then 2 months no ctax, as is standard for council tax)
Approximately £30-£50 for electric, gas, water (unmetered), landline+internet, and tv licence

Flat has sole use of a garden and comes with cats (No room for any more though)
Currently 2 flatmates - one male, one female
Both housemates are vegetarian, but easy-going about such things and don't have any problem with non-veggies living here.

Flat is no smoking, but outside in the garden is fine

Room will be available from next week (26th Sept)
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I am still in need of a new flatmate,
as mentioned here

tl;dr is
double bedroom, north London (near Highgate tube), available from sometime in Sept. New flatmate must like cats, but not have any

please boost signal for me?
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Question for a friend: does anyone know where someone who has just moved tot he Camden area could rent garage space for motorbike parking?
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I'll post more about this later I suppose. I'll post other places once I've decided how much location info and other detail I actually want to put on Google+ and twitter (on which I normally do not put much, if any, info about my location)

[ profile] failing_angel is moving out, so we need to find a new flatmate to take his place.
Near Highgate tube station on a side-road off the Archway Road. (zone 3) (Or you can walk or bus down the road (aboutr 10 min on foot) to Archway station (Zone 2) two nightbusses come right by on the Archway road just
3 bedroom flat, with some storage space in communal areas
Double bedroom, I seem to recall the rent on that room is currently £460 / month. + bills of £50 council tax each and something in the vicinity of another £30-£50 ? for the combination of electric, gas, H20, landline+internet, and tv licence (I can double check the amounts on that when I'm home)
flat has sole use of a garden and comes with kitty-cats (No room for any more kitty cats to join us though - I think the already resident kitty-cats would have something to say about that! W've definitely got a full house kitty-cat wise!)
2 flatmates - one male, one female (me)
both remaining housemates are vegetarian, but we're easygoing about such things and don't have any probloem with non-veggies living here. (Departing flatmate is not veggie in fact)
No smoking in the house, but smoking outside in the garden is fine (I don't smoke, but other remaining flatmate does)
One of the remaining flatmates keeps odd hours as he works night a lot, but we're quiet around the house.

Room should can be available from some time in earlyish start of September
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Watch this one with the sound on, as they've done a good job with effective use of music too

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I still mostly use LiveJournal, but someday perhaps I'll start posting here, or at least start crossposting.
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Along the Great West Road in Brentford there's a traffic sign. Just a very simple white metal sign with plain black lettering, on a post by the side of the roadway. One of those signs in the shape of an arrow, indicating which way the approaching traffic should turn to reach the destination indicated on the sign, and how much further they should expect to have to travel until they reach their destination.
This sign states, simply:

3/4 Space Station

Nothing more. The next road along proves to be labelled as Transport Road (or perhaps it was Drive or Avenue, I did not check the small print), which somehow makes sense to me as the name of a road that leads to a Space Station.

And no, I'm not going to check with Google, or any other search engine or other source of information for that matter, to find out what sort of 'Space Station' it is.
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OK folks

If I say that Saturday 30th April will be Pico's birthday celebrations, which will be a daytime (mid-day) thing where we go out to the stables (easy to get to on the Northern line or by bus), meet Pico and feed him (and his buddies) (and ourselves) cake and treats
and go to the nearby pub for a drink (and also if we feel like it go for a little bit of a walk in the greenbelt)

Who would be able to come along that day?

show of (virtual) hands please?
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A comment from [ profile] squirmelia now has me considering the 30th of April (a Saturday) as an alternate date for the "pony party". It's ten days after Pico's birthday, but it is still in his birth month. And hey, he's a Londoner now, and Londoners frequently have to schedule their parties to accomodate busy social schedules.

comments on this date? better or worse for people?
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My flatmate R and I have divided kitty-feeding between us: I feed breakfast in the morning, he feeds dinner in the evening. (He's a lampy - a lighting engineer for gigs and events - so this division makes sense with our respective sleep-wake routines)

If I don't have an alarm set (which is most of the time right now, when I'm a lady of leisure an unemployed bum between contracts), the kitties usually try to wake me in earnest for breakfast some time between 8 and half 9.

If I do have an alarm set, they'll come and start trying to wake me when they hear the alarm go off (if they aren't already doing so)

Yesterday, I had the alarm set for 7 AM, as I was going over to [ profile] alexmc's to work on our project together.

This morning, a little before 7:20 AM, I was wakened from the middle of an interesting dream by Sonya prodding me gently in the face with an extended claw whilst sitting on me.
"Hey Monkey! Wake up! Your alarm must be broken! It hasn't gone off and you've overslept! Feed Us! Feed Us!"

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